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Nursery Wall Hanging, Gummy Bear Wall Art, 4 Gummy Bear Sculptures, 1 Canvas Or Frame,BoHo Nursery Decor, Nursery Art, Baby Shower Gift.

Nursery Wall Hanging, Gummy Bear Wall Art, 4 Gummy Bear Sculptures, 1 Canvas Or Frame,BoHo Nursery Decor, Nursery Art, Baby Shower Gift.

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Gummy Bear Wall Art

Add a touch of whimsy and sweetness to your Home with this adorable Gummy Bear Wall Art. This listing includes 4 Gummy Bear Sculptures displayed in a modern Acrylic Open Frame, Canvas or Shadow Box.

Product Details:
- Four 3 inch Gummy Bear Sculpture: Handcrafted with love, this cute and colorful gummy bear sculpture serves as the focal point of this wall hanging, it brings a cheerful and playful element to any home decor.
- 8x6 inches Canvas
- Choose your favorite color for the Gummy Bear Sculpture: blue, pink, yellow, green, red, orange or turquoise


Open Frames
Heavy-Duty Acrylic Surface: The frame is built with a robust and durable acrylic surface that can handle the weight of sculptures. Acrylic is known for its strength, clarity, making it a suitable material for supporting sculptures of various weights. The open frame has a acrylic backing with Clear thick sides.

Lux Open Frames/ Acrylic
Buffed and Polished Finish: The acrylic sides are buffed and polished to create a smooth and glossy appearance. This finish enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the frame and complements the artwork or sculpture it holds.

Shadow Box
Made from 1/4 inch thick acrylic, our shadow boxes offer exceptional durability and a crystal clear finish that beautifully showcases your art.

- Nursery Decor: Hang this delightful wall art near the crib, changing table, or play area to add a charming touch to your nursery decor.
- Baby Shower Gift: Surprise a loved one with this unique, handcrafted piece of art that will make a memorable and thoughtful baby shower gift.
-Game Room
-Kitchen Wall Art
-Teenager Room
-Pop Art Wall

Shipping and Processing:
- Each Gummy Bear Wall Hanging is made to order, so please allow for 2-3 weeks for production.
- Shipped with care to ensure your wall hanging arrives in perfect condition.

Rest assured, nothing will be shipped without your approval. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your gummy bear sculpture wall decor before it is sent to you.

Made by Brahe Art Company.
copyright number 1-12899273411
Check out my Instagram @braheartcompany

Life-Saver Pop Art

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